✂️ Cut out Bernie Sanders sitting with mittens in editable format

‘Bernie in chair’ 

You have seen it all over the internet. 22 January 2021 was flooded with a flood of Bernie Sanders’ inauguration mittens memes.

If you want to drop a cut out of Bernie in one of your renders on photoshop, here it is. It’s always important to drop some easter eggs into those final project images…

Cut out bernie features

Some features about this downloadable resource:

  • High resolution (above 2000px)
  • Transparent background
  • PNG format
  • Super clean lasso tool cut (got the hair details too)
  • Photography credit: Brendan Smialowski

Architect relevant

Bernie sitting with mittens as the Sketchup default figure

Credits to Rick Dove

Bernie sitting with mittens in the new version of Ernst Neufert’s Architects’ Data.

Neufert rewrite? Credits: Dank Lloyd Wright

Bernie reacts to his grumpy memes

Bernie gets to the serious messaging quickly

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