PEDR Quarterly Record Sheet Template

Download the Professional Experience Development Record (PEDR) Quarterly Record Sheet template below

The PEDR Quarterly Record Sheet is a record of your professional experience that together with your education, contributes towards the RIBA architect’s qualification. PEDR quarterly record sheets should be completed no later than two months after the end of the relevant quarter. You can backdate sheets, but you must get approval from your Professional Studies Advisor (PSA) to do so. RIBA’s definition is Professional Experience and Development Record has been written by the Royal Institute of British Architects to help architectural students record their professional experience and development in the workplace as part of their minimum seven years’ education and training leading to qualification as an architect.
  • This PEDR Quarterly Record Sheet template is available in .DOCX editable format
  • Sections that need your input are highlighted in grey
  • This document is helpful for those who want to get a sense of the requirements of Professional Experience Development Record (PEDR) monitoring necessary for qualification as an architect in the UK.
  • Disclaimer: This is a reference resource. It does not replace RIBA’s official PEDR recording service. You can register and pay for a 6 month or 13 month subscription for it here.

Sample PEDR sheet

Click here for a completed sample PEDR sheet. Courtesy of the department of architecture at the University of Edinburgh.

More completed PEDR sheet examples are on the way.


PEDR & PSA costs

RIBA monitoring service is a service that assigns you a PSA if you do not want/do not have an architecture school that can offer you a PSA. It costs £200 + VAT (£240).

RIBA PEDR recording tool is an online 6 month or 13 month subscription service where you can log in your PEDRs. For residents of UK, it costs £14.40 (£12.00 + £2.40 VAT) for 6 months or £26.40 (£22.00 + £4.40 VAT) for 13 months. Costs may differ depending on where you reside.

Advice for architects in training

Will post relevant advice where necessary. More information at the RIBA website.